Efficient carbon management for companies

ECOSPEED Business is a software ­­solution for the creation of corporate carbon footprints and therefore an important component in company sustainability ­­management.

ECOSPEED Business enables all data ad­­mini­­stration and data formatting ­­processes for ener­­gy or CO2 balancing.

Target group

For organizations of any size

You can use ECOSPEED Business to create carbon footprints efficiently in line with the GHG Protocol for any type of organization – whether a company, a local administration or an association.

The software solution is suitable both as a 'single-location solution' for small companies and as a 'multiple-location solution' for me­­dium-sized and large companies with more complex structures.

Industry-specific additional licenses

Energy suppliers can replicate their entire energy generation (renewable / non-renew­­able) and energy transfer (grids) in the ECOSPEED Business energy supply company module.

Flyer for energy supply com­­pany

At the push of a button, financial services providers can generate the 'environmental in­­di­­cators for corporate environment ma­­nage­­ment at financial institutions' of the VfU.


Scope of services & advantages of software

Your benefits at a glance

  • Efficient creation of carbon footprints in line with the GHG Protocol
  • Flexible illustration of your requirements and company structure
  • Web-based platform permits decentralized data acquisition
  • Aggregation / disaggregation of the data and results on all levels
  • Analysis tool for identification of relevant emis­­sion drivers and hot spots
  • Generation of important standard indicators at the push of a button (e.g. GRI, VfU)
  • Visualization of work progress during data input
  • Automatic plausibility checks
  • Various user roles and rights
  • Mobile data availability
  • Simple data import and export
  • Comprehensive database with indicators current at all times
  • Traceability and audit requirements reliably met
  • Efficient CSR reporting with our partner software "CSRmanager"

Evaluations with ECOSPEED Business

The standard indicators generated with ECOSPEED Business are suitable for application in sustainability reporting in line with GRI (Global Reporting Initiative) and as the basis for various other reporting formats (CDP, DNK, Robeco-Sam, etc.).

Companies that maintain environment / en­­er­­gy ma­­nage­­ment systems (ISO 14001 / 50001, EMAS) or

have to carry out energy audits complying with DIN EN 16247 use ECOSPEED Business to handle the bases of data and/or process existing data.

Companies that use management systems such as SA 8000 or OHSAS 18001 can use ECOSPEED Business to generate the necessary H&S indicators.

Supplementary solutions

Report complying with ISO 14064-1

We create your corporate carbon footprint report complying with ISO 14064-1, fully in line with your needs.

On request, you can have your report certified by an accredited auditor.

Scopri di più

Measure plans and holistic climate strategy

On the basis of the corporate carbon footprint from ECOSPEED Business, we define with you a holistic climate strategy

and corresponding measures plans to achieve your objectives.

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CSR reporting with partner software "CSRmanager"

Together with our partner macondo publishing, we cover the entire range of CSR reporting. The basis for this is the software "CSRmanager", which you can use to create sustainability reports in modules, intuitively and efficiently.

Simply integrate your carbon indicators in the "CSRmanager" and expand with any other CSR data you wish.

Choose the appropriate modules and create a report that is fully in line with your needs.

Scopri di più

Supplier surveys for additional Scope 3 data

Thanks to the possibility for decentralized data input, you can use ECOSPEED Business as an innovative platform for your suppliers. Create an online survey and acquire the relevant Scope 3 indicators for your own company.

At the same time, you can provide your suppliers with important indicators for their sustainability management, thus consolidating the business relationships.

Customer loyalty measures

Use the topic of CO2 balancing specifically for custo­­mer loyalty. Some companies have cus­­to­­mer-related environmental indicators such as power, gas, heat, fuel or also material con­­sumption (e.g. energy suppliers).

Use ECOSPEED Business to create energy and CO2 balances for your customers as an additional service and simultaneously profit from a lasting enhancement of image. This could also fit in with your business model.

Sensitization of employees

With ECOSPEED Private, you can give your staff access to a web platform which they can use to generate their own private energy and CO2 balance (easily).

The purpose of the attractive tool on the one hand is to encourage internal sensitization with regard to environmental issues and, on the other hand, it can help you to collect more exact data regarding commuter flows (Scope 3).

Health & Safety KPIs

Indicators for the social dimension of sus­­tain­­ability are surveyed in the areas of employee rights, work safety, health, diversity etc.

A record of the relevant indicators and efficient controlling form the basis for the im­­ple­­menta­­tion of H&S measures and can be used in management systems such as SA 8000 or OHSAS 18001.


ECOSPEED Business is already successfully deployed by numerous Swiss and international companies: References

Panalpina Success Story


Annual license costs for ECOSPEED Business start at approx. 2,000 euro for smaller organizations. Please contact us for a quotation without commitment. Contatti