Energy-related evaluation of municipal properties

ECOSPEED Immo has been specially conceived for the energy-related evaluation of municipal properties. Alongside the annual monitoring for power, heating, water, and costs, an energy-related evaluation is carried out both for each building and for the entire building portfolio. Derived from the consumption values, the tool also calculates the greenhouse gas emissions as well as possible annual CO2 tax payments.

The energy-related evaluation comprises plausibility checks of the data, calculation of energy certificates and renovation potentials down to the individual building, as well as benchmarking with buildings in other municipalities.
An energy-related evaluation of your own buildings has never been so simple. Try it out - getting started is free of charge!

Scope of services


In a first step, the master data (category, year of construction, protection of historic buildings etc.) and annual consumption values are entered for each building. These serve as the basis for the later energy-related evaluation of the real estate.

Here, any number of buildings can be included and shown flexibly in a structure of your choice.

The following areas are recorded and evaluated during monitoring:

  • Power
  • Heating
  • Water
  • Costs
  • CO2 emissions

The following functions are available to ensure the greatest possible simplicity and efficiency of data updates:

  • Flexible data input
    Input is either manual or via an import interface.
  • Plausibility check
    The plausibility of the data is automatically checked.
  • Power and district heating mixes
    Any number of mixes are managed centrally and assigned to buildings.
  • Comprehensive evaluations
    In the form of clearly arranged graphics, tables or lists (including energy certificates)

Building certificates

On the basis of the effective consumption data, each building is placed in the efficiency categories A - G. The building certificates cover the following areas

  • Power
  • Heating
  • Water
  • CO2 emissions

Alongside building certificates for individual buildings, these are also issued for a number of buildings in clearly arranged list views. The lists can be quickly restricted to the desired groups of buildings (e.g. schools). This enables you to create the specific building certificates you require within a very short time.

Renovation potentials

The renovation potentials are determined for each building. To achieve this, target values from country-specific building standards are set in the tool for all building categories. Protection of historic buildings is also taken into account here.

The renovation potential is calculated specifically for the areas of power, heating, water, and costs. Clearly arranged list views of the buildings enable you to recognize easily where investments in reconstruction / renovation measures are most expedient.


The key performance indicators of all entered buildings are saved 100% anonymously in a central benchmark database. All users can access this benchmark database at any time and compare their own buildings with buildings in other municipalities.

In this way, all users contribute to a continuously growing number of key performance indicators and simultaneously profit from the widely supported comparison options. The instrument thus also provides you with valuable arguments to convince internal and external stakeholder groups of your intended actions and motivate them further.

CO2 tax assessment

A CO2 payment, e.g. in the form of tax or certificates, has already been established in some countries and its introduction is being discussed in other countries.

ECOSPEED Immo uses the entered consumption data and the greenhouse gas emissions determined from these to calculate possible annual tax payments per building and for your building portfolio.

Plausibility checks

ECOSPEED Immo actively supports you during data input. Irrespective of whether you enter data manually or per import interface, the plausibility of your values is checked.

For example, there are checks for missing data or greater deviations from values in comparison with the previous year's values. Depending on the result, you receive corresponding warnings.


  • Recording any number of buildings and free arrangement in a flexible tree structure.
  • Clearly arranged input screen for each building for the greatest possible simplicity.
  • Optional input / output of all data in table views similar to Excel to enable updates for a number of years.
  • Output of renovation potentials per building for power, heating, water, and costs.
  • Access to benchmark database for anonymous comparison with buildings from other municipalities.
  • Energy certificates for individual buildings or das building portfolio.
  • Support for data input by means of various plausibility checks.
  • Simple data import and export.
  • Varied and simple analysis options.
  • Web platform (no installation necessary, independent of location).
  • Any number of users.


Get to know ECOSPEED Immo very easily and try it out for yourself - use for up to 5 buildings is free of charge!
For solutions with more than 5 buildings, the license costs vary depending on the number of buildings and country of origin.

On request, customer-specific adaptations and extensions can also be implemented, e.g. import interfaces or reports. Please contact ECOSPEED for a quotation without commitment.

Technical Requirements

Hardware: ECOSPEED Immo is provided by ECOSPEED as a web-based application. The ­­data storage and backup­­ ­­are also handled by ECOSPEED. All that licensees­­ need to use the computer is a PC with an internet ­­connection­­.

Software: As the calculation and data storage are solely on the server side, all that is required for ECOSPEED Immo is a common web browser (Firefox, Chrome, Edge, Safari, etc.) on the user's computer. No additional software installation is necessary.