Berlin/Zürich), 11.09.2012
Award-winning climate protection local authorities often have something in common

15 of the 19 masterplan local authorities use ECORegion

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Many insiders in German local authorities are well aware of the 'master plan 100% climate protection'. Local authorities that are pursuing the "master plan 100% climate protection" have undertaken to achieve the target of a reduction in greenhouse gas emissions of 95% compared to 1990 by 2050. Local authorities are able to obtain a subsidy from the Federal Ministry for the Environment. Up to the end of April 2012, in a two-stage process, local authorities were able to submit initial masterplan outlines to the project executing organization Jülich within the framework of a competition. Selected local authorities subsequently had the possibility to submit a detailed application for a subsidy.

As announced by the German Institute for Urban Studies (Difu) in mid-2012 in cooperation with the Federal Ministry for the Environment, the final 19 towns, municipalities, and administrative districts received awards from the Minister for the Environment. In the coming four years, the Ministry for the Environment will support these local authorities in the creation of a municipal master plan for 100% climate protection (project phase I) as well as its institutional implementation by a climate protection manager (project phase II).

What do these local authorities have in common?
Of the 19 masterplan local authorities receiving the subsidy, 15 local authorities create their CO2 inventories using ECORegion.

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