Zürich, 30.07.2014
ECOPrivate completely revised

The present personal energy and CO2 calculation program ECOPrivate has become very widespread and highly regarded on the net - not least because it is also used for the '2000-Watt society'. The new version is to continue this recipe for success, enhanced with functions and requirements that were also suggested to us by the extensive user community. In collaboration with the Department of Health and Environment of the city of Zurich, ECOPrivate (new "ECOSPEED Private") has been completely revised and re-implemented. ECOSPEED Private Available with immediate effect.

Alongside completeness, currency, sensitization and accuracy, manageability, modern design, flexibility and good dialogue capability were the objectives for implementation of the new calculator "ECOSPEED Private":

The stored key figures have been updated and now enable significantly more precise balances for Swiss users - and it goes without saying that they are compatible with the '2000-Watt society'. Moreover, ECOSPEED Private now also enables calculation of the energy consumption, energy costs and CO2 emissions for private individuals from other countries. To achieve this, specific key figures for a number of European countries such as Germany, Austria or France will be stored by the end of October.

In order to meet the requirement for more transparency in the calculation and basis of data, the most important data sources in each case are indicated directly in the integrated help. Alongside the general help, users also receive specific assistance for each input or operator field.

Alongside a complete revision of the user guidance and of the look & feel, the arguably most important new feature is that you can now register in ECOSPEED Private. This enables registered users to create and store balances for various years and to adapt them at any time. With each new year, users can track their progress in reducing their energy consumption or costs as well as their CO2 emissions. Non-registered users can still use ECOSPEED Private in a limited demo version that does not permit saving the data.

ECOSPEED Private has been completely realigned to the ECOSPEED in-house auditing platform on the basis of which the applications ECOSPEED Region and ECOSPEED Business are also developed and operated. This results in both technical advantages and completely new possibilities with regard to flexibility and linking among the applications and their user groups: for example, communities can be founded with adapted appearance, specific key figures (such as the power mix) can be stored for regions, the online help can be enhanced with additional region-specific or company-specific information, member surveys can be carried out, (anonymized) statistical evaluations of the balances can be carried out, and a great deal more.

ECOSPEED Private can thus be used as a very effective instrument, part of the sustainability strategies of towns/cities, regions and companies. It supports them as an integral dialogue and sensitization platform, enabling them to offer their population, employees or members efficient measures and programs to achieve the energy turnaround.

From November onwards, ECOSPEED Private will also be available in the languages French, Italian and English.