St. Gallen, 15.10.2014
Climate balance at one stop - Canton St.Gallen assumes a pioneering role in Switzerland

The Canton St.Gallen is providing its 77 local authorities with a unique service by sharing the specific canton and local authority climate data it has collected with its local authorities and offering them a low-cost link to the ECOSPEED Region software solution.

The joint use of ECOSPEED Region results in numerous advantages for cantons and local authorities:

  • Alongside the specific local authority energy data in the area of buildings, all users are automatically provided with detailed energy and CO2 evaluations, including traffic data and emissions unrelated to energy
  • Specific canton and local authority data are automatically supplemented by national statistics if no other data are available
  • Uncomplicated loading of data and precise evaluations for the canton
  • The central data provision by the canton largely eliminates the need for local authorities to collect their own data
  • Simple data processing at local authority level
  • With this offer, local authorities who have the label 'Energy City' or want to acquire this label can gain up to 50 points (10% of the points required for the label 'Energy City').

St.Gallen is also supplementing the full package with an attractive campaign:

"Every year, the canton creates specific local authority energy data sheets and makes these available to the local authorities. Furthermore, local authorities that are interested are granted a 30% discount on the ECOSPEED Region software license. With this offer, the canton not only consistently implements ist energy concept but also simultaneously promotes the active participation of local authorities in the energy system transition process," explains Marcel Knöri, project manager for energy data of the Canton St.Gallen.