Zürich, 25.02.2015
ECOSPEED Region new with scenarios

With ECOSPEED Region it is now possible to compute various scenarios, even in conjunction with the Smart version. The new scenario computation function enhances time-tested energy and CO2 balancing to include modeling and simulation of future developments. As a result, municipal climate protection plans can be created even more quickly and cost-effectively than before, while also guaranteeing a high level of quality and comparability.

Scenario computation comprises:

  • Potential analysis (energy production and efficiency enhancement)
  • Scenarios through to 2050 (reference scenario and climate protection scenario)
  • Simulation of measures (energy production and efficiency enhancement)
  • Calculation of value creation
  • Calculation of carbon emissions avoidance

For further details, please refer to the Flyer Scenarios.

The new "Szenarien" module was jointly developed by ECOSPEED AG and the European Energy Award Federal Office in Berlin, and has been tested extensively with a wide range of local authorities.

The module will be rolled out in Germany initially and will be available for the Swiss market in a few weeks.

Pricing and terms of use

The General Terms of Use have been amended with the introduction of the new "Scenarios" module . The amendments are only relevant for the new "Scenarios" module .

In addition, the prices for the monitoring licenses (Smart and Pro) have been modified with the introduction of the new module. We have managed to keep entry-level prices at the previous level so we can continue to offer ECOSPEED Region as an attractive value-for-money solution for smaller local authorities.

The new prices only apply to new license orders, and do not affect existing licensing agreements.