Zürich, 23.11.2016
New ECOSPEED data subscription: Opening balance data for all 12,000 municipalities in Germany – other countries will follow!

In order to provide even better support for towns and municipalities in the area of data collection, ECOSPEED has developed the new feature "data subscription". The municipalities can use this service to source a variety of data that ECOSPEED obtains, prepares, and makes available to you automatically. The first data are already available.

With immediate effect, we will provide all customers in Germany with the corresponding inhabitant and working population figures free of charge. On request, ECOSPEED Region uses these figures to calculate an opening balance automatically. This already has an accuracy of more than 90%.

New customers can use the new service to calculate a first opening balance easily and within a few seconds – the initial overhead drops to virtually zero.

The respective municipal data are updated annually by ECOSPEED. With the data subscription, the customers conveniently specify whether they wish to import the latest available data currently or retroactively and/or have the opening balance calculated as required or automatically each year. Fully in line with current needs.

Following a successful launch in Germany, data collection and provision will take place for other countries - for Switzerland in the near future.

Municipality-specific traffic data

In January 2017, ECOSPEED shall deliver municipality-specific traffic data to all 12,000 German local authorities; this can be sourced conveniently and free of charge via the new data subscription.

And that is only the beginning! Additional data for local authorities from Switzerland, Germany and Luxembourg are planned in order to make the work of towns and municipalities even easier.