Zürich, 22.2.2018
The user interface for ECOSPEED Region has been fully revised and extended to include valuable features.

Customers can look forward to a modern design and greatly improved usability, ensuring that work with the tool is more efficient and more pleasant! The aim in developing the new interface was to provide users with a simplified and intuitive navigation structure with a great many shortcuts – but as far as content is concerned, the software remains unchanged.

Clearly arranged, intuitive, modern

A large number of exciting new features await our customers: after login, the Dashboard provides information regarding the current status of the balances(s), including the most important charts and key performance indicators.

Particular attention was devoted to the revision of data tables. With a representation similar to Excel and a clearly structured layout, even large data tables can be consistently inserted into the stable layout, which means that navigation elements and table tools remain reachable at all times.

Besides this, many other functional extensions are provided by the new interface. A selection:

  • The layout of the tables can be configured as required and therefore fully adapted to individual needs: the dimensions of columns and rows can be swapped or entries sorted and hidden.
  • It is now child's play to calculate the opening balance with only 2 clicks.
  • The time filter, which applies to all data pages, is visible at all times and can be changed at any time.
  • Generated reports are saved and can be downloaded again later at any time.
  • The source can now be changed for a number of data points simultaneously.


Request demo access today and discover for yourself the new features and the modern look & feel of ECOSPEED Region!

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