Zürich, 14.08.2018
ECOSPEED receives another award for data security

Following the first large-scale audit in the year 2015, data security at ECOSPEED was once again tested to the same extent this year. The commissioned TÜV TRUST IT GmbH group of companies TÜV AUSTRIA re-certified the software development process, thus confirming the security of the processes.

Certificate Handover 14.08.2018

TÜV TRUST IT with its head office in Cologne has confirmed with the re-certification that the software development process at ECOSPEED AG is suitable for the creation of secure software that meets the requirements of the audit catalog and that the portal is resilient against typical attack patterns on web applications.

A central component of the re-certification project was an audit of the software development process in which the security measures it includes were analyzed. The aim of the analysis was to identify risks relevant to security that would permit an external attacker to endanger the security objectives of ECOSPEED AG and undermine the integrity, confidentiality, and availability of the processes and customer data.

To achieve this, tests were carried out in the categories of software design, planning and implementation, IT security, information protection, and data protection. Furthermore, the project included a technical examination in the form of a penetration test of the web applications.

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