Comprehensive energy and CO2 calculation for private individuals

It is very easy to calculate your personal energy and climate balance for living, eating, shopping and travelling.

See in comparison with other people whether you consume a particularly high amount or an astonishingly small amount of energy and CO2.

The tool makes it clear to you which measures you could use to save a certain amount of energy or reduce greenhouse gases. The energy that is required to produce the goods and services you consume – so-called 'grey energy' – is also included in the balance.


For end users

For registered users, ECOSPEED Private enables the creation of balances for different years. With each new year, you can track your progress in reducing energy consumption or costs as well as your CO2 emissions. Non-registered users can also use the tool as a demo version to obtain an initial appraisal of their own balance.

ECOSPEED Private covers all areas of life with detailed background information, also for various countries, and is therefore more precise than conventional tools. Inputs and results are possible in different degrees of detail and preset with average figures for your region. This means you can use ECOSPEED Private to create your personal balance in a few minutes and for a substantiated and exact analysis of the individual areas and your savings potential.

Authorities, companies and communities

ECOSPEED Private is more than an energy and CO2 calculator! ECOSPEED Private was also developed for use as a dialogue and sensitization platform for local authorities, companies or communities.

Help to move the energy turnaround process forward: you can use ECOSPEED Private as part of your sustainability strategy to implement specific campaigns for your population, employees or members.

Evaluate the data (anonymized) in order to be able to offer measures or programs for private individuals that are as efficient as possible. Or simply use ECOSPEED Private to show your face, to position yourself among interested private individuals as a sustained player.

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ECOSPEED Private can be used with all common web browsers (Firefox, Chrome, IE, Safari). JavaScript must be enabled.


Private individuals and end users do not require a license for ECOSPEED Private; use is free of charge for them.

For use as a dialogue and sensitization platform for local authorities, companies or communities, the following services and modules are available. Depending on requirements, these can be licensed individually or in combined form:

Services & modules
Brief description
  • Own login page
  • Logo im Tool
  • On request, adaptation of layout & content
  • Querying the number of users in the desired catchment area and the desired user type
  • E-Mail despatch to selected groups of users
  • Definition of the catchment area and the user type
  • Flexible evaluation options for the user type in the catchment area (rendered anonymous)
  • Definition of the catchment area
  • Logo positioning on login pages of all communities and all users in the catchment area

Information and price information

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