Consultancy services

As a supplement to the ECOSPEED Business software, which our customers operate com­­ple­­te­­ly autonomously in most cases, we offer various consultancy services, additionally en­­han­­cing the benefits of the software and the quality of your carbon footprint.

We will be glad to accompany you through the entire sustainability process or support you in specific subareas – fully in line with your needs.

ECOSPEED services - step by step


This consulting module is upstream of the software deployment. First of all, we define with you the system limits of your greenhouse gas inventory, distinguishing between orga­­ni­­zatio­­nal and operational system limits. The fo­­cus of attention is placed on efficient re­­source utilization as well as the definition of relevant areas for data surveys.

We also ensure that you are able to find the right sources for internal data collection and answer questions concerning the methods. To conclude this consulting module, your com­­pany structure is recorded and re­­pro­­duced as a per­­fect fit in the software.

Data input

This consulting module is suitable for smaller companies that do not have internal specialist knowledge related to the environment or in general for companies that wish to outsource the data acquisition. On request, ECOSPEED

shall analyze internal data sources that you make available and transfer these into the ECOSPEED Business software. This enables you to optimize your internal resources and quickly create the desired evaluations and reports.

Results & report formats

Corporate Carbon Footprint Reports complying with ISO 14064-1

ISO 14064-1 defines the balancing of greenhouse gas inventories (carbon footprints) and in particular specifies the procedure, principles, and documentation requirements. As ECOSPEED Business is already structured according to these specifications, our

con­­sul­­tants are able to create a corresponding report with manageable overhead. You can use this report for your external sustainability communi­­cation or, on request, have your re­­port certified by an accredited auditor.

Sustainability report in line with Global Reporting Initiative

Over and above the carbon footprint, ECOSPEED works with you to develop the content for your sustainability report. The most frequently applied standard for sustainability reporting is the GRI standard (Global Reporting Initiative).

With the ECOSPEED Business software, you have already calculated important GRI indi­­cators. Our consultants take these as a starting point in working with you to define the com­­ple­­te report.

With our partner software "CSRmanager", you also have the possibility to create sustainability reports in modules, intuitively and efficiently. Your carbon indicators can be easily integrated in the "CSRmanager" and expanded with any other CSR data you wish. Scopri di più

Measures & climate strategy

The analysis of the balance created with ECOSPEED Business forms the basis for the definition of strategies, objectives, and mea­­sures. We will be glad to advise and support you in deriving the relevant statements from your corporate carbon footprint and in defining an entrepreneurial-strategic procedure for the sustained handling of greenhouse gases.

This can include:

  • Concept for dealing with stakeholder expec­­tations and external information re­­quire­­ments
  • Potential analyses for energy savings and CO2 reduction
  • Definition of a program of measures with corres­­ponding monitoring
  • Creation of a sustainability report